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I’m finally getting back to reading and getting back on schedule with reviewing. Let’s hope it sticks, though.

– FranJessca


It’s been a long time since I read and reviewed a book on the blog. Life got busy during the summertime. I should say though it was the most extended Spring Break ever for the girls, instead of summertime. We spent a lot of time putting up our new aboveground pool and swimming in it. There was a lot of cooking home meals instead of eating out. My oldest daughter enjoyed trying new recipes at home anyways and learning how to cook. The girls started back outdoor travel soccer with their soccer teams during the summer. They have to follow guidelines to play soccer, which both of them do anyway.

This mom also spent a lot of time playing Minecraft with her girls. Lots of hours spent mining and building. It was fun. The husband worked remotely already for his job, so he was busy with his career. This mama kept the girls engaged, so they didn’t interfere with daddy when he was working.

Now the school is finally back in session where we are in Florida. I’m now a homeschool mama to a 3rd grader. We decided to go the Virtual route with her instead of traditional and remote. Remote would require her to log in for 6 1/2 hours, and with our rural internet connection, it’s not always stable. Virtual was the best option for her since she can go at her own pace. She’s enjoying it so far, especially in pajamas. Our oldest daughter went traditional since she’s in high school, and we know she’ll wear a mask all day long and follow the rules. She’s our child that doesn’t get sick ever. She’s a bit of a germaphobe.

I’m finally getting back to reading and getting back on schedule with reviewing. Let’s hope it sticks, though. I did have moments during summer where I tried to read, but I went through a reading funk. My husband has been worried that I haven’t been reading.

I hope everyone else has been reading like crazy. If you know of any books that recently released that I should read, let me know in the comments. I’m behind the curve on what was released lately.


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