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Book Lovin’ Mamas is BACK in ACTION

So remember when I posted that Book Lovin’ Mamas would be on a HIATUS until after vacation in July? Well, we’re finally back from our time off from the blog. I’m so sorry to our followers that it took this long. The hiatus was supposed to end after a month, but life happens and some times you don’t get to decide. *sigh*

Book Lovin’ Mamas may have missed out on posts to schedule, but we promise it was not intentional. This Book Lovin’ Mama was sick the beginning of June that prevented me from even reading a book. There also was the family vacation that was took place in July that I didn’t get a chance to read or even post on the blog. I haven’t even logged into my laptop in quite some time. My husband said to me that I must be sick if I don’t ever use my laptop. Computers are my life, especially since my day job requires me to be on one for 40 hours during the week. I mentally needed a break since the summer took a toll on this mama. Plus, I’m still recovering from losing an amazing friend who I miss dearly. I had some help the last two months though, which definitely made me stronger.

Now with the little ones going back to school, let’s just say this mama needs her reading time again. It may be less due to my day job having projects that need to be completed even after hours the next month, but that’s okay. The oldest daughter (Lil’ Sidekick) is going to be back with her soccer schedule again, which means reading time for this mama. The youngest (no longer the preschooler, but the Rambunctious Kindergartener) will be attending gymnastics and dance, which means some more reading time for this mama. 

There will be some changes to the blog though. I’m stepping back from tours for a bit. I want to catch up on some books that I need to read. I also want to make reading fun again and not a job. I have some books I put on hold due to other reading obligations, so I want to read those books first. I also want to support my local library and start reading from there again. I love my little local library because the librarians are so nice there and the library reminds me of my childhood.

You may see reviews of kid books on the blog every once in a while due to my Rambunctious Kindergartener loving having books read to her and she lets me know if she enjoyed the book or not. She’s very opinionated. Now, I need to convince Lil’ Sidekick to get back in the swing of reading. She would rather play Minecraft. Both girls actually would rather play that game.

If you would rather not follow the blog anymore,  I totally understand. Things have definitely changed since the blog was first created, but this blog gives me a chance to still share my love of the authors and books I love so much. I just want to take a step back and make it fun again. Believe me my day job takes a toll out of me during the day, I want my time away from that job to be my safe haven and this blog gives me that safe haven.

Also, I have another blog I’ve created that is more towards my Christina path that you can follow if you would like – FranJessca’s Journey of Knowing God. I started it this year, but haven’t kept up with it as much as I would like and that is about to change. The two months I took off from this blog, I spent a lot of time with Jesus. I even just got baptized with my local church. My friend that is no longer here is to thank for my life changes. I just wish she would’ve been there, when I got baptized because she would’ve said ‘It’s about time.’ 🙂

So, look for some reviews posted next month and also look forward to picture posts as well because I want to get my Country Life posts going again.

I hope everyone has had a wonderful summer break and got to read some amazing books. Please share in the comments, what books I may have missed out on during the summer that you would recommend I should definitely read.


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