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Cathryn Fox

Guest Post: ‘Private Reserve’ by Cathryn Fox + #Giveaway

A day in the life of Cathryn Fox

Well, I’d like to say I wake up to butterflies and rainbows, slide into my silk robe and feather heeled slippers and sip on a mimosa made by my handsome, loin-cloth wearing butler, as I make my way to my desk, where the words will flow freely from my brain. But that would be the opposite of my life. LOL

The reality is I wake up, shuffle zombie-like to the coffee maker in my pajamas, and stare at it with murderous eyes until it finally beeps. I pour a cup, shuffle to my office to check emails, and when I’m finally awake enough, I head downstairs and get on the recumbent bike for 30 minutes. I hate biking, I really do, but the best part is I get to read for thirty precious, undisturbed minutes! Believe it or not, finding time to read is hard for me.

After that, I shower, make a shake, and plunk myself down at my desk. I set word goals so until I reach those goals, it’s no play time for me. When I start a new book, I usually set 1000 words a day for the first week (beginnings are hard for me) The second week I go up to 2000 words a day and the next week, and until the book is done, I do 3000 words. After writing, it’s time to make dinner. My kids are grown and gone so it’s only hubby and me at home, which makes meal prep much simpler. Continue reading