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Garden of Thorns

Guest Post: ‘Garden of Thorns’ by Amber Mitchell

A Day in the Life of…Amber Mitchell

I wish I could lie and tell you my life is glamorous. Because, honestly, it sounds pretty cool when you tell someone you write and run your own business full time (okay, so it sounds cool to SOME people, others just look at you like you’re lazy). But while my typical day isn’t too exciting, the one I decided to chronicle was. When I knew I was going to write this article, I took a journal with me for this busy day and jotted down what I was doing!

8:30 AM: My four cats wake me up because it’s time for breakfast. Roll over and ignore cats.

8:32: Push cat’s paws of death off of my gut.

9:20: Finally give in to cat’s “gentle” reminders that they need to eat. Turn off alarm 10 minutes early.

9:50: After getting dressed and feeding the cats, I check my emails. Respond to two blogging opportunities, read my responses, rewrite them, and hit send.

10:03: Gather my flyers for my upcoming book launch party, my book and book swag.

10:05: Head to the car and drive 30 minutes to the nearest city with a bookstore (I know, I live in a city with no bookstore, but in my defense, it’s a small town AND the bookstore I went to is an indie!). Continue reading