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Silver Town Wolf series

Spotlight: ‘Between a Wolf and a Hard Place’ by @TerrySpear (Guest Post + #Giveaway)

Terry: I do a lot of research about wolves, so I pick up tons of interesting, true stories.

One was about a boy from one tribe who saved a wolf pup. A river had flooded the den. The parents couldn’t reach the pups and he was only able to rescue one. The rest had already died. His tribe wouldn’t allow him to bring the wolf into the camp so he lived outside of it to raise the wolf. They wouldn’t allow him to take the wolf with them on hunts, but he did so on his own, raiding other tribes’ horses. The wolf saved his life a couple of times, warning him before he was caught and killed. Then the wolf had grown into an adult and took off, returning, then taking off for longer. One day, it returned with his mate. He greeted the boy, though the she-wolf kept her distance. Then he left for good, his own wolf pack his priority. But the boy never forgot the beautiful wolf he’d raised from a pup that had saved his life in return.

In one case, a wolf biologist observed that one wolf always had a bad hair day—every day—his fur all kinked. Can you imagine?

Another true story was about a wolf that had a large pack and plenty of prey, so it was a rare sight, but he had two mates at the same time! And they each had his offspring! Continue reading